Dear Parent/Guardian, 

Please be advised that there are some children in our care who are severely allergic to certain products and will go into anaphylactic shock if they are exposed to such products. 

Please ensure that you check with the Supervisor or room staff before brining any donations or products into the centre so that we avoid exposing these children to any dangers or risks. 

Please speak with your child about not sharing their snacks or treats with other children in their room. 

If your child has any health problems or allergies of any kind, please inform your child’s room staff or the Supervisor of the centre upon registration so that the necessary steps may be taken to keep your child safe. 

Your understanding and cooperation in ensuring the safest environment for our children is greatly appreciated. 

Prepared By: Policy & Procedure Committee
Approved By: Executive Director 
Effective Date: May, 2006
Revised Date: October, 2010