Children and Families Department
C&F Employee
A C&F Employee is an LEF employee who provides a direct service in, or management of, LEF’s Child Care Centres.
C&F Employees include Educators, Supervisors, and other LEF employees who work in LEF’s Child Care Centres.
Refer to LEF’s Human Resource Policy Section 3 for definitions of employment relationships.
Child Care Early Years Act, 2014
Cohort is a group of children and the staff members assigned to them, who stay together for a minimum of seven (7) days and as otherwise defined on page 6 of http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/childcare/child-care-re-opening-operational-guidance.pdf (opens in new window)

COVID-19 Policies
The regular child care policies that are being replaced with the COVID-19 specific policies included in Policy 7-C19 together with the new COVID-19 related policies.
Educators are C&F Employees who work directly with children in LEF’s Child Care Centres. Educators report to Supervisors.
The Learning Enrichment Foundation
Primary Contact
The Primary Contact is a person who is in a in a parent and child “type” of relationship, and includes situations in which someone is acting in the position of a parent to a child. The Primary Contact may be a legal guardian, or an adult otherwise functioning as a parent, and may include parent-child relationships formed by marriage and common-law relationships.
Personal Protective Equipment. Please refer to the Health and Safety, PPE Policy 7.2.30.
Senior Manager
Supervisors report to a Senior Manager.
Staff means the same as a C&F Employee.
A Supervisor is a C&F Employee who meets the requirements of section 53 of O. Reg. 137/15 and plans and directs the program of the Child Care Centre, is in charge of the children, oversees the staff employed at the Child Care Centre and is responsible to LEF.