The Learning Enrichment Foundation believes in our responsibility to provide exceptional quality early childhood education and care in a learning environment that stimulates imagination, discovery, and learning through play. Children, families and community are at the center of our child care programming.  Our Program Statement 7.2.33 will continue to guide our work during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

As we re-open our Child Care Centres, protection of the health, safety and well-being of children, staff and families will be at the core of our programs. For this reason, The Learning Enrichment Foundation is putting in place enhanced protocols to address the COVID-19 Pandemic and we will for the time being replace eleven of our child care policies with COVID-19 specific policies. 

It is worthwhile restating our commitment to the health and safety of our employees and that we will make every effort to provide a healthy and safe work environment. Protection of employees from injury or occupational disease is a major continuing objective for our organization.  This commitment is included in our Health and Safety Policy 6.1.01.

Everyone at LEF bear responsibility for creating a safe environment for children and families. This includes all employees, including educators and supervisors, as well as visitors, contractors and sub-contractors and we must all work in compliance with the all applicable legislation, regulations, standards and safe work practices and procedures established by the Government of Ontario and LEF, including the enhanced COVID-19 health and safety requirements.  To the best of our ability, LEF will ensure these requirements are adhered to.

Despite the pandemic, we continue to share a unique environment here at The Learning Enrichment Foundation and we are proud to work with a dedicated, highly skilled workforce. We value our employees as our most important resource.

Our strength is based on open communication and cooperation and you are encouraged to bring matters of concern forward to be addressed by the supervisors and senior staff.

Above all, while working safely, we must focus on continuously achieving quality standards in everything we do in order to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and community.



Peter Frampton

Executive Director

The Learning Enrichment Foundation