Policy 7-C19 is intended to:

  • Inform C&F Employees of the changes taking place at the Child Care Centres due to COVID-19.
  • Inform C&F Employees of their role in ensuring children, other families and other C&F Employees stay safe.
  • Support C&F Employees in protecting themselves, co-workers, children and their families.
  • Outline how LEF will respond should any staff, children, or Primary Contacts be exposed to COVID-19 while in LEF’s care.

A copy of Policy 7-C19 will be provided to Primary Contacts and included in the Parent Handbook.

Effective immediately, this Policy 7-C19 introduces changes to LEF’s regular child care policy framework. Certain child care policies are being replaced with COVID-19 specific policies and other COVID-19 related policies are entirely new to LEF (together, “COVID-19 Policies””).

All other policies included in Section 7 remain in full force and are unchanged (together, the “Remaining Child Care Policies”). The COVID-19 Policies and the Remaining Child Care Policies jointly constitute the current policy framework for Child Care Centre during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In the event of a conflict between the COVID-19 Policies and the Remaining Child Care Policies, the COVID-19 Policies will prevail.

The COVID-19 Policies will operate in addition to all existing health and safety requirements as outlined in LEF’s Policy Section 6 dealing with Health and Safety, the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its regulations.

Force of Policy

The following statements establish the importance and contractual force of LEF’s Policy 7-C19:

  • All LEF’s Educators are required to review and abide by all the terms contained in this Policy 7-C19.   All C&F Employees will be expected to sign off on all COVID-19 Policies.
  • While we have made every possible effort to make this Policy 7-C19 comprehensive, it may not address every situation.  As such, LEF reserves the right to exercise our discretion in the interpretation and enforcement of this Policy 7-C19.
  •  All C&F Employees who have questions about Policy 7-C19 or how to interpret it, are encouraged to speak to their Supervisor.

LEF reserves the right to revise or add to this Policy 7-C19 from time to time as deemed necessary. C&F Employees will receive periodic updates to the Policy 7-C19 as our Organization continues respond to COVID-19, and are expected to familiarize themselves with these changes.

Policy 7-C19 is a general guide to LEF’s policies, procedures, and protocols implemented in response to COVID-19.  Policy 7-C19 has been designed to comply with: 

  • CCEYA and its regulations (O. Reg. 137/15)
  • Ministry of Education’s Child Care Centre Licensing Manual and supportive guidelines and policies.
  • Ministry of Education’s Operational Guidance During COVID-19 Outbreak – Child Care Reopening.
  • Policies and guidelines of Toronto Children’s Services
  • Policies and guidelines of Toronto Public Health.

In the event of a conflict between any of these documents related to COVID-19, the Operational Guidance During COVID-19 Outbreak – Child Care Reopening will prevail.  However, advice provided by the Toronto Public Health Unit must be followed, even in the event that it contradicts other government documents.  

Scope of Policy 7-C19

This Policy 7-C19 applies to all C&F Employees, and any other persons who will be physically present and engaged at Child Care Centres.

All C&F Employees have the responsibility to familiarize themselves with the content of this Policy and to conduct themselves accordingly.

All Supervisors have the responsibility to:

  • Communicate with employees under their direction about the application of policies and procedures.
  • Ensure compliance.
  • Take corrective action when necessary.

Administration, Review and Effectiveness of Policy 7-C19

The Executive Director has responsibility for the overall administration and operation of Child Care Centre.  All matters outlined in this Policy 7-C19 are being delegated to the Senior Director of Children & Families, unless the Executive Director is explicitly mentioned.  Certain matters may be further delegated to directors, senior managers, and to supervisors in the Child Care Centres.   

This Policy 7-C19 may be changed and updated from time to time as necessitated by regulatory or organizational changes. LEF will ensure that any review reflects federal and provincial law and regulations. 

Policy 7-C19 will remain in force until such a time LEF’s Executive Director determines the Child Care Centre can return to its full, regular policy framework.

Policy 7-C19:  Select Child Care Policies – Effective during COVID-19 Pandemic

Effective Date: July 2, 2020


Prepared and Approved by Executive Director