Responsibilities of Employees and Supervisors


All C&F Employees have the responsibility to familiarize themselves with the content of this Policy 7-C19 and each of the COVID-19 Policies, and to conduct themselves accordingly.

All C&F Employees are expected to: 

  • Be well acquainted with:
    • the CCEYA and the Toronto Children’s Services criteria and procedures
    • the City of Toronto’s Children Services (AQI) Assessment for Quality Improvement; which is available online at and in each Child Care Centre.
  • Ensure the above are practiced on a consistent basis in their Child Care Centre and particularly in reference to the Behaviour Management Policy 7.2.04, to interfere and stop anyone who contravenes this policy, and to alert the proper authority, i.e. the Supervisor and senior management.


All Supervisors have the responsibility to:

  • Communicate with employees under their direction about the application of policies and procedures.
  • Ensure compliance.
  • Take corrective action when necessary. 

COVID-19 Policies Sign Off

Policy 7-C19 and the COVID-19 Policies must be reviewed and signed off by all employees before commencing work/employment in any Child Care Centre during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please refer to the Acknowledgement section below.

If changes, revisions and updates are made to any of the COVID-19 Policies, C&F Employees will be expected to review and sign off on these as well.

Sign-off will also be required annually until Toronto Public Health declares the COVID-19 Pandemic over and the Executive Director directs LEF to return to its pre-COVID-19 policies.

COVID-19-Related Training

To ensure that all employees are introduced and understand the new COVID-19 policies, procedures and protocols, LEF will offer comprehensive online training sessions ahead of re-opening.   It is mandatory for all C&F Employees to attend this COVID-19 training session. 

Ongoing training related to COVID-19 protocols will also be delivered during ongoing staff meetings. 


Conflict Resolution, Discipline and Termination

Conflict Resolution

C&F Employees are encouraged to discuss all topics of concern with their Supervisor at any time.  Clear and honest communication is valued and expected.  For further information, please refer to LEF’s Human Resources Policy 3, section 3.09, Rights and Responsibilities of Employees.

Discipline and Termination

C&F Employees who fail to abide by any of the sections contained in this Policy 7-C19 or any of the COVID-19 Policies may be subject to discipline up to and including termination.  For further information, please refer to Written Process for Monitoring Compliance and Contraventions 7.2.13 and LEF’s Human Resources Policy 3, section 3.10, Discipline and Termination.

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